A key to better running performance and greater enjoyment is staying injury free. Whether you're a beginner or an elite, strength training is an essential part of this process.
Yet many runners skip strength training due to concerns over lack of time or not knowing specifically what exercises are best, thereby limiting their capabilities.

Personal Best Runner's Circuit
This energetic small group strength circuit training class
(led by Medical Exercise Specialist & Masters Runner, Moe Brown) lets you experience the best strength exercises for runners in a fun and motivating environment.

With it you will....
     Winter 2017 program runs from February 8th - April 26th

$15 per person per class
purchase 8 classes for $96
When: Wednesdays @ 5:45 pm and Saturdays at 9am*
For additional info contact class instructor, Moe Brown
    at moe@personalbestfitness.net or 658-1616
*Weekday class start time is 5:45. However, doors are open to class participants at 5:30. Space is limited so please arrive early to reserve your spot. Your Personal Best is a private training studio with limited locker room space. Please arrive ready to work out.
Run Stronger
Build Endurance

Reduce Injuries

Increase Strength

Improve Running Efficiency

Reduce Fatigue

Elevate running enjoyment
Where: Your Personal Best, 4050 Williston Rd, So.Burlington, VT
(2nd floor, above The VT Bed Store)
Don't let this be you! Run your best in 2017 by preparing now. Experience the...
Run Longer
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(No minimum number of classes is required for attendance.)