A common misconception people have regarding running coaches is that they are reserved for elite or professional athletes, or those very serious runners that only want to be competitive. That is just not the case. You’d hire a personal trainer to help you learn to lift weights, or develop a better strength training workout, right? Well, think of a running coach as your personal running trainer. ANY runner can benefit from having a coach.

 A coach is going to design a program based on your current fitness, which means it’s going to take your health history, your injury history, and your running experience into consideration. The program will also reflect your specific goals regarding training paces, race times, how much time you have before your race, and your own personal schedule.

Life also has a tendency to throw us curveballs, which can interfere with the training process. Sometimes you get sick or you lose focus and motivation. Sometimes, you want to improve but you just don’t know how to get there.

Plans that you find online or in books are a good starting point, but they’re not tailored to your unique lifestyle, goals, abilities, and situation. By having a personalized plan, you increase your chances of having a great training and racing experience while remaining healthy and injury free.

As a certified Medical Exercise Specialist with over 30 years of competitive running experience, I can help you achieve your personal best.
Congratulations on deciding to run your first marathon! It is an event that challenges you, however, when meeting that challenge it provides you with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and power that stays with you the rest of your life.To quote marathon running legend Dick Beardsley; "When you cross that finish line, no matter how slow or fast, it will change your life forever."

With over 30 years of running experience and 25 years of marathon running i've learned techniques that can make your marathon experience a positive one. I'll take you every step of the way, from designing your own personal training program, to coaching you through the entire process from your first week of training to the time you cross the finish line.
Cost for all running programs will vary depending on frequency of sessions. Contact Moe Brown at moe@personalbestfitness.net or (802) 658-1616 for info.
Designed for individuals who have run one or more marathons and are looking to improve their time.
Whether you're running a 5K ,10K, Half Marathon, or any other distance, my 30 + years of running experience has given me the experience and knowledge to help you perform at your personal best.
Have Another Distance In Mind?

Good running form is essential for efficient and injury-free running. These two components also promote greater enjoyment of running. Minor form adjustments can lead to major improvements. Your form will be analyzed frame by frame and in slow motion to help you achieve optimum performance and enjoyment from your runs. (see examples below)
 "It's My First Marathon" Plan
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Why You Should Work With A Running Coach
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22 Frame Analysis example
Slow Motion Analysis example
By following the plan designed specifically for me, I was able to improve by 51 minutes from my first marathon to my second. That improvement occurred on the very difficult Mount Desert Island course also, only showing how well my body responded to Moe's coaching and guidance.
Dustin Stubbs
As a result of working with Moe I have never felt as comfortable or prepared for a marathon. I shaved 24 minutes off my PR and I qualified for Boston.
Lori Canney
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