*The Futrex 5000 for measuring body fat percentage versus lean body mass and hydration levels. This unit is highly accurate and uses near-infrared technology to determine test results. This information is utilized as a baseline for developing our Individual Nutritional Analysis which shows our clients what their Basal Metabolic Rate and overall daily caloric values should be to meet their nutritional goals and objectives. This analysis also provides the percentage of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, as well as the amount of these macro nutrients needed per day. All of this information is presented in a user-friendly, understandable format.
Computerized Nutritional Analysis
Moe Brown
A personalized report w/ your daily recommended
caloric, carbohydrate,protein,and fat intake.
Also includes a personalized 7-day meal plan
and access to an online nutrition log.
Health and fitness articles,links and resources
Marathon and More
Sport Specific Conditioning
Designed to help maximize athletic performance, this program incorporates all areas of athleticism. These include agility, mobility, strength, endurance, speed, power, and flexibility. Periodization training is incorporated to help you reach your peak and excel at your sport of choice. Training programs can be structured specifically to any sport. Cost will vary depending on number of sessions.
Corporate Consulting
Rising health care costs have raised the interest of many companies and organizations in our Lifestyle Fitness Programs. Many are realizing that prevention and long-term lifestyle changes are the most cost effective for their health care programs, along with being the most efficient way for their employees to reach and maintain overall health and fitness. To meet the specialized needs of each client, on-site training, seminars, and consultations are available. Costs for these services vary based on the type and duration of the requested services.
Fitness Testing ( individually or as a package)
Blood Pressure, FVC + FEV1 lung capacity, Predicted VO2 max, Age group Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition*
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