The results I have achieved through following Moe’s program have well exceeded my expectations. Moe changed the way I looked at fitness and nutrition, and he put together an incredibly detailed plan that included both cardio workouts and strength training.

But what helped to make the program successful was also a nutritional plan that was based on an analysis of my current fitness level and body fat with a goal weight and improved body composition.

With Moe’s organization, dedication, knowledge and the complete program he puts together he makes it virtually impossible not to succeed.

I have completely changed the way I eat and by 10 weeks into the 12 week program I had already lost 12 ˝ pounds and an untold amount of body fat.
from Betsy Lloyd:
I am a 47 year old woman and have exercised most of my life in one form or another. A little over a year ago I was frustrated with the lack of results I was seeing on my own. I wanted someone to help me with nutrition as well as exercise. I also wanted an exercise routine that I could sustain for many years to come.

I had previously had other workout routines that were along the lines of a bootcamp ass kicking. I got great results both in strength and toning, but I was sore all of the time and I knew that I couldn’t sustain that regimen as I aged.

Moe has taught me how to monitor and adjust my nutrition and how to use my heart rate to accomplish focused calorie burning cardio workouts. He has come up with new workout routines for me every 3 months and from week to week he mixes up the routine we have, to challenge my body in different ways, and to keep the sessions interesting. Moe is truly a professional in every way, and his constant encouragement and insight are an inspiration.
from Liz Adams:
After years of constantly struggling with my weight I had reached a number on the scale I had dreaded and swore that I would never reach. That day I had two paths I could choose, one would eventually lead to my demise and one would save my life. I chose to save my life.

I signed up immediately for The Lifestyles Program. Right away I began my nutritional classes, fitness test and jumped right into the program never looking back at the life I had led.

For the first time in over a decade of battling with my weight I felt like I had a course of action that would ultimately lead to successful weight loss. I have lost a total of 100 pounds. In such a short period of time I have been given the ultimate gift; the knowledge and strength to continue this lifestyle forever. For that I am eternally grateful.

from Laura Peck:
from James Montstream:
I've been strength training steadily since I was in high school. Not because I was on the football team, far from it. I was always one of the last chosen for teams. Although I look fit, I always wanted to see my abs flex. Tragically, they've always been covered by a layer of fat.

I've never been able to get my body fat percentage below 15%. As I was coming up to the milestone age of 40, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and get serious enough to find someone to help. I had heard great things about Your Personal Best from a friend who had worked with Moe before.

Moe coached me to move beyond my comfort levels. He was great at providing motivation to stick to the program on those weeks where nothing seemed to go right. It was those sticking points that were my down fall when I was on my own.

When I signed up, I was 15% body fat. Over the course of three months, he worked with me to get my body fat down to 11% - enough to see those ab muscles flex. And we did it before I hit my 40th birthday!
Moe Brown
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